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EN 1149
Safety clothing – electro static abilities.

EN/ISO 11612
Safety clothing – protection against heat and fire.

EN 533
Safety clothing – Protection against heat and fire.
Materials with limited flame spread.

EN ISO 15025 Limited flame spread
Fabrics which meet this EN ISO standard:

Procedure A: Ignition surface, the burner is placed perpendicular to the surface of the fabric.
Flame is applied for 10 s was observed and recorded the following information:
a) if the flame reaches the top or edge of the sample
b) post-combustion time
c) after-glow time
d) if the after-glow extends beyond the inflamed area
e) release of waste
f) if the waste ignite the filter paper
g) if a hole and that layer is formed

Procedure B: Ignition on the edge, the burner is placed at an angle of 30 degrees to the
vertical. The distance between the edge of the burner and the lower edge of the fabric
should be 20 mm ± 2 mm. Flame is applied for 10 s was observed and recorded the above
information except paragraph g)

EN 61482
Protects you from electric arc

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